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tss, yah
that's just the best part tbh

holy fucking shit man, hit right in the feels

cum man

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stress: the game
specially in the dawns

H3y 6uy$, did j00 kn0w that in t3rm$ 0f mal3 human and f3mal3 P0kém0n br33din6, Vap0r30n iz t3h m0$t c0mpatibl3 P0kém0n f0r human$? N0t 0nly ar3 t3hy in t3h fi3ld 366 6r0up, which iz m0$tly c0mpriz3d 0f mammal$, Vap0r30n ar3 an av3ra63 0f 3”03’ tall and 63.9 p0und$, thiz m3an$ t3hy’r3 lar63 3n0u6h 2b3 abl3 handl3 human dick$, and with t3hir impr3$$iv3 Ba$3 $tat$ f0r HP and acc3$$ 2Acid Arm0r, j00 can b3 r0u6h with 0n3. Du3 2t3hir m0$tly wat3r ba$3d bi0l06y, t3hr3’$ n0 d0ubt in my mind that an ar0u$3d Vap0r30n w0uld b3 incr3dibly w3t, $0 w3t that j00 c0uld 3a$ily hav3 $3x with 0n3 f0r h0ur$ with0ut 63ttin6 $0r3. T3hy can al$0 l3arn t3h m0v3$ Attract, Baby-D0ll 3y3$, Captivat3, Charm, and Tail Whip, al0n6 with n0t havin6 fur 2hid3 nippl3$, $0 it’d b3 incr3dibly 3a$y f0r 0n3 263t j00 in t3h m00d. With t3hir abiliti3$ Wat3r Ab$0rb and Hydrati0n, t3hy can 3a$ily r3c0v3r fr0m fati6u3 with 3n0u6h wat3r. N0 0t3hr P0kém0n c0m3$ cl0$3 2thiz l3v3l 0f c0mpatibility. Al$0, fun fact, if j00 pull 0ut 3n0u6h, j00 can mak3 j00r Vap0r30n turn whit3. Vap0r30n iz lit3rally built f0r human dick. Un60dly d3f3n$3 $tat+hi6h HP p00l+Acid Arm0r m3an$ it can tak3 c0ck all day, all $hap3$ and $iz3$ and $till c0m3 f0r m0r3

commited homicide just to go on a hike, nice!

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very funky, really good for background music when doing literally anything, most probably drawing something risque, like the title suggests

Lmao, god this is so wholesome and hilarious at the same time, and it's so adorable when he laughs in between his lines, damnit

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Nice ass thumbnail fam

Like edibles but it's coke and a lasagna, genius

murder rocks

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